Where To Get Coupons (Sunday Papers) Cheap!

Where To Get Coupons
Where To Get Coupons Sunday Papers for Cheap!

I am going to give you my number one tip for everything. Here is goes, are you ready? YOU HAVE TO ASK! Did you fall out of your chair? I know, it is a pretty stunning information. For those of you who make this comment, I just can’t afford the Sunday paper. You may want to reconsider that.

If you could pay $0.50 every Sunday to receive your local newspaper loaded with money-saving coupons would you? If you used one coupon for $1.00 from you Sunday paper you have already paid for your paper and saved an extra $0.50.

Here Is What I Do:

  1. I call my local newspaper subscription office.
  2. I know for a fact that the Houston Chronicle was offering a $0.50 Sunday paper special a few years ago (yes, a few years ago).
  3. I tell the paper subscription person that I would really love to subscribe to their Sunday paper and have seen the price for as little as $0.50 each week.
  4. I tell them I want the Sunday paper only and that’s all I can afford.

They will get your information to get your subscription started or tell you they can not offer you that price. The four times I have called to renew my subscription, they always let me keep if for $0.50 per Sunday issue. If you have always wondered Where To Get Coupons, the Sunday paper is a great source to get started.

Make the call when you are ready and let me know how it works out. I would love a comment!

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