Wells Fargo Free Credit Score for Customers ($39 value)

Wells Fargo Free Credit Score for Customers ($39 value)

Wells Fargo Free Credit Score for Customers ($39 value)

*NOTE – Unfortunately you have to stop by a local Wells Fargo and request your personal access code. Once you do so, you may follow the steps below for your free score.

I heard this offer on the radio today and I wanted to share it with any Wells Fargo customers out there. You may get your credit score free up to five times in a 90 day period. I can honestly say that I have not looked at my credit score in some years. This is a very good promotion for our family. Your personal access code will expire at midnight (PDT) on April 15, 2013.

With this promotion, for 90 days, you can:

  • Get your credit score for free – up to five times (up to $39 retail value).
    *Make sure to make any corrections to incorrect information and improve your credit score!
  • Receive a current credit report at no charge2 (does not impact your credit score).
    *This is very important. Every time you sign up for a credit card, refinance, loan or do a mortgage they run your credit report. This is not a good thing if done to often. This is a great opportunity to see what your credit score is for free without it impacting your credit score.

What you do to get your credit score:

  1. Click on Get Started to go to the Experian site.
  2. Enter the following information: your address, date of birth, social security number, email address and your personal access code.
  3. Answer the personal questions that only you will know. The purpose is to verify your identity.
  4. View your credit score and credit report and check for any errors.
  5. Write down your report number, so you can re-access your credit score and credit report at www.experian.com/viewreport for the next 90 days.


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