Printable Official Walgreens Coupon Policy

I honestly have to admit that Walgreens (Wags) was my toughest store to crack.  The use of their Register Rewards (RR) takes practice, practice and more practice.  With the tips listed below I am sure you will have smooth sailing and become a pro in no time. First, sign up for their e-mails to receive valuable offers.  It is also nice to keep a coupon policy handy while shopping in case any question might arise.


  • Wags offers printable on-line coupons, in-store booklets each month and coupons in their weekly flyers.
  • You may use two coupons when Wags is having a BOGO sale.
  • You may use two coupons per item, a Manufacture Coupon(s) (MQ) and a Wags coupon.
  • When making your purchase hand over your coupons in this order:
  1. E-mail discount, something like 15% off total, $5 off of $20 etc. etc.
  2. Wags coupons
  3. MQ
  4. RR

*Wags cashiers could possibly mix up your coupon order.  They should know to take the e-mail offer first.  They like to take the Wags coupons before the MQ.   This should be fine except in certain scenarios.  Here is one example I faced:  If you are purchasing a product for $6.99 – you have one Wags $3/1 and one MQ for $4/1, if they do not take your MQ first then it will beep at the register.  You can not purchase an item for $6.99 when you have $7.00 in coupons, the $.01 will not roll over to your remaining balance.  If you know this is the case try and give them your MQ first.

Register Rewards (RR)

  • RR expire in two weeks from time of print.
  • RR are NOT cash or considered payment.  They are considered MQ and you can only have one MQ and one Wags coupon per item.  This means if you have four items, A. B. C. & D. and you have four MQ, one for each of these items, you will not be able to pay for your purchase with a RR. You must add a filler item in for each RR. Find the most inexpensive item like gum, candy or a pencil so that you can use your RR.  I personally purchase my Sunday papers at Wags if I need to use my RR.