Checkout 51 Offers Expiring Wednesday Milk, Broccoli & More

Checkout 51 Offers

Checkout 51 is the latest money-saving app that gives you cash back for buying groceries. Listed are just a few items of what you will see by loading the new Checkout 51 app. Register for your account today (it's free) and save on the following: $0.50 1 Gallon of Milk $0.50 Loaf of sliced bread $0.25 Broccoli $1.00 Buy 2: Kellogg's Frosted Flakes $1.00 Buy 2: Kellogg's Frosted Mini-Wheats $0.50 Folgers Coffee $2.00 Aveeno Facial Care Products $1.00 Honey Maid Grahamfuls $1.00 Buy 2: Triscuit Crackers $1.00 Buy 2: Kellogg's Corn Pops $1.00 belVita Soft Bakes Breakfast Biscuits $2.00 … [Read more...]

Get Cash Back wyb Milk, Bertolli, Rudi’s & More

Get Cash Back

Buy Milk and get CASH BACK. It is that easy. Download your Free Ibotta app today and earn $0.50 when you purchase milk. It gets even better. Purchase any 2 additional offers on Ibotta list and receive an extra $0.50 milk bonus. You will also receive cash back on your other two purchases. I have earned $246.50 with Ibotta. See my Ibotta Free Grocery Cash Back page to get started today. How much have you earned? New Grocery Offers Rudi's Organic Bakery Any item, Any size $1.00 Bertolli Single Serve Meals Any variety, Any size $.50 Bertolli Multi-Serve Meals Any variety, Any size … [Read more...]

Christmas Clearance Unwanted Tea Lights = Cheap Year Round Batteries

Christmas Clearance

Christmas Clearance = Super Cheap Yearly Goodies Christmas Clearance 2013 is on! Do you see what I see...This year I am taking Christmas Clearance to a whole new level. One of my greatest strengths is that I am a planner. Anyone can do it. Just start thinking this over and now on clearance or buy next year full price. Buy now at $1.99 or next year at $10.99. I have heard that our personality changes a bit every seven years. I think that it would be safe to say that something you buy this Christmas (with a deep discount) will still be pleasing to you next year. Even if it is not, … [Read more...]

Free Gift Cards & More with Holiday Gift Card Purchase

Free Gift Cards

There are several great offers going on that can earn you free gift cards and other items when you buy gift cards this holiday season. Below you will find an extensive list of restaurants, grocery and retails stores that offer extra deals with the purchase of holiday gift cards. WHAT TYPE OF GIFT CARD PERSON ARE YOU? Opportunist - You buy a gift card as a gift for someone and get something for YOURSELF free! Genius - You pretend to spend a lot of money on someone, but you actually received free gift cards added to their amount so they never know. Cover your @#$ - You buy a gift … [Read more...]

Planning Your Attack: Black Friday Preparation Guide

Breaking News at Qpon Junkie

Are you ready to start planning your attack on Black Friday? Thursday is going to be a very big day. Not only is it Thanksgiving but the Black Friday inserts arrive in the paper. This is the day I sit down and start circling everything I want for Christmas and decide my plan of attack. This year has actually been better for Pre-Black Friday sales. I am almost done with all of my shopping because retailers decided to offer good deals a week early. If you just love Black Friday shopping then here are few preparation ideas to help you survive the crowds, get the best prices and live to tell … [Read more...]

TopCashBack: Earn Cash & Free Gift Cards


At some point you are going to buy something online and now is a great time to start using TopCashBack. It has been my favorite cash back site for the month of November. Not only do you earn cash while shopping online but the deals for fee gift cards and merchandise is such an awesome bonus. There has recently been two free gift card offers in the month of November. These offers are now expired but take a look at how they work for the next awesome deal. Above is what I've actually earned in November. Below are the deals with the details. Free LivingSocial $20 to Free … [Read more...]

Free Money for Loyal Customers It Does Pay!

Free Money for Loyal Customers

It is so nice to open your email in the morning and get an offer for free money! Especially free money to use at the grocery store. I woke up to an email offer from Kroger for $7.00 to use on a $70.00 transaction. You know what, I was going to visit Kroger and buy groceries anyway. Just giving me $7.00 would be even better but I will take $7.00 off with no complaints. TIPS ON HOW TO GET FREE MONEY: Register at your favorite stores. Sign up for every promotion they have to offer. Shop at your favorite store. You have to visit them once in a while. Use your reward or shoppers card. … [Read more...]

Price Match Guarantee & Stores That Offer It

Price Match Guarantee

In order for stores to be as competitive as possible you may notice more and more retailers incorporating a "Price Match Guarantee". One of newest changes I have noticed is Staples is now matching prices with While shopping this holiday season keep your store inserts and policies in your coupon book. We hope you save time and money by showing your local store's customer service department your comparison price item evidence. Make sure to read each one carefully. Each store has their own rules and specifics when it comes to matching prices. Here are a few of my favorite stores that … [Read more...]

Free Chick-fil-A Every Year with Cow Costume

ree Chick-Fil-A with Cow Costume

What to get Free Chick-Fil-A every year? Dress up like a cow on Cow Appreciation Day. That's right, every year Chick-Fil-A will give you a free breakfast, lunch or dinner when you dress up like a cow. You can go very extreme with an actual costume or just paint your face up a bit and wear a cow pattern shirt. They are pretty easy-going about it. This is what I did to save money on my Chick-Fil-A budget. Buy a clearance Halloween Cow Costume. The money saved over the next few years in Chick-Fil-A will pay for the costume. A Chick-Fil-A meal starts around $5.50. I paid $10.00 for this clearance … [Read more...]