Going Pink for 31 Days Breast Cancer Awareness Month

breast cancer awareness going pink

It's Breast Cancer Awareness month and I had a completely crazy idea. I am going PINK for the entire month of October in support of Breast Cancer Awareness. This is a month reminding people of sad times of loved ones lost, and happy times of survivors. Although I have not survived or dealt with breast cancer myself, I want to support all of those that have. This is my little way of saying I am thinking of YOU! Every day I am going to do something PINK. Today I took a jog and wore a pink outfit. You can see the top in the photo above. What am I going to do every day you ask? I have no idea. … [Read more...]

The Little Mermaid Slumber Party Guide #DisneyPrincessPlay

the little mermaid princess

My daughter would love to be Ariel from "The Little Mermaid"... She should be, she is the fairest princess of them all. As a child did you have dreams about who you would become as an adult?  A few months ago I attended an event for little ones graduating preschool. When asked "what do you want to be when you grow up" the replies varied. One child said a football player, another said a doctor. There was an aspiring dancer and a teacher. I sat there listening until I heard the one profession that I know myself and my own little girl plan on becoming, A PRINCESS (did you notice I said plan … [Read more...]

What Are Your Best Running Songs? My Top Five


Today I was out for a jog and realized...I could use some new running tunes. What Are Your Best Running Songs? They do not even have to be current. Music is forever. I normally tend to learn towards a faster beat like techno or hip hop. Regardless of your taste in music, I would love to know what you are listening to. Let's share! My Top Five Running Songs (this week of course :)) Jason Derulo - "The Other Side" - Prayers go out to Jason as he is healing from a broken neck. Robin Thicke - "Blurred Lines" - I don't care what anyone thinks. I think Robin Thicke is HOT and this song is … [Read more...]

Happy Sunday from British Virgin Islands

British Virgin Islands

Happy Sunday from my family to yours! I was hoping to send all of you guys tons of wonderful real-time photos from our family vacation to the BVI's however internet is still a luxury that we always can't find. Unfortunately, you will see a lot fewer posts in the next few weeks. Regular scheduled posts and savings will return on August 16th. I hope until then, you will be patient with me and enjoy the photos as much as I love sharing them. This is a very beautiful islands called The Baths. The rocks have settled in such away that you can start at one end and climb through and underneath the … [Read more...]

Interesting Things About Me #2 Finance Major

Graduation 2002

Number two on the list of 25 Interesting Things about me is that I am a Finance Major. It's not only interesting but it's sort of ironic. The Beginning: I started Community College the fall semester following my high school graduation. I was really good at science and decided to begin my degree in Marine Biology (keep this in mind for a following segment). My marine dream ended shortly after I failed a prerequisite math course. Maybe it was because I was eighteen, maybe it was the lack of educational direction from my family, my new found freedom, or something I do not even understand, but … [Read more...]

Interesting Things About Qpon Junkie #1 Photography

Interesting Things

I've been wanting to do a list of 25 Interesting Things about me for a long time. I figured today was a good day to get started. I hope to share 25 items that you may find interesting. My list of items will not be in any particular order, but will be shared as they pop into my head. I hope that a little look into who I am will make us better friends. Now, where should I begin... Qpon Junkie's Nature Photos - Google+ Album I have just a tiny (sarcasm on tiny) love of taking photos of still objects. I especially like flowers, pets, bugs and anything I do not have to pose. Don't get me … [Read more...]

Happy July 4th from Qpon Junkie & Family

Happy July 4th

Happy July 4th from Qpon Junkie and family. We hope every one has a blessed, safe holiday. Be careful with those fireworks! … [Read more...]

Summertime Meal Celebration with Velveeta Shells & Cheese #CheesyShells

Kids Love Velveeta Shells & Cheese

Having a Summertime Meal Celebration with Velveeta Shells & Cheese? Velveeta Shells & Cheese is a perfect addition so as part of a sponsored post for Collective Bias I am sharing my shopping experience and preparation of a July 4th meal that everyone can enjoy. See my disclosure policy for more information. I would love for you to view my Google+ album to see more photos. My daughter has finally achieved the award for the terrible 3's. I would love for her to eat more fruit and vegetables, but we find it's hard trying to get her to eat at all. Meal time for my daughter sounds like … [Read more...]

Sea World Has An Adventure For You!

Sea World Texas Lemur

Sea World Has An Adventure For You! When I was a child we did not get to visit SeaWorld often. We lived in South Houston and a SeaWorld vacation was a little off the radar for my family. Now that I am older and have a daughter, I jumped at the opportunity to visit this massive entertainment park. This is our second year to take our daughter. The more we learn about SeaWorld and the new Aquatica the more exciting the adventure becomes. My husband favors the rides, I love the animals and my daughter is enchanted by everything SeaWorld! What do you think of the Lemurs, and Skiers and Scares OH … [Read more...]

Father Knows Best…On Father’s Day

Father Knows Best

Father Knows Best...Today Only I lost my father over three years ago from heath related issues. He lived a long life to the experienced age of 83. My father had many lovely qualities and is missed often, especially on Father's Day. Now I have a loving husband and a 3-year old daughter. He is doing a wonderful job of becoming an experienced father himself. A very hands on dad, he is the creator of laughs in the family. Our days are brighter because of him. My Father's Day wishes go out to the two obvious people above, but I want to send out appreciation to all the wonderful father figures in … [Read more...]