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Breaking News at Qpon Junkie

(original photo Nielsen) Well everyone, we have made it to the middle of June. I want to keep everyone on top of a few action items developing at Qpon Junkie. Here is what we have in the news for June. Thanks to our 3 Labriola Bread Winners! Congrats! Jessica L, Robin O and Michelle T. You information has been passed along for your prize. I can't wait to find out how you feel about your Labriola Pretzel bread. If you would like, I would love to share your recipe or a comment after you give it a try. You can always find the winners information on each Rafflecopter giveaway. Our SeaWorld … [Read more...]

Can You Believe It? I Finally Won Something

Elaine Turner

Can You Believe It? I had to write this because I know at times I can be a skeptic. People really DO WIN THINGS! I was at this lovely event on Wednesday, The Mommie Series (which I will be speaking at this Winter BTW), and they had some really talented speakers. It is a 3-hour event for mommies (or not mommies) who just want to get out with the girls. The discussions were about charity, beauty, Drs of Dermatology informing me all about my wrinkles and how to help them, plastic surgery, make-up and finance. In this 3-hour event the whole evening was filled will raffles. I sat there, not … [Read more...]

Date Nights are Beautiful with CoverGirl & Olay #BeautyScoop

Qpon Junkie with Sophia at Walmart

Qpon Junkie was provided compensation to facilitate this post. See my disclosure policy for more information. My husband's nickname for me is "Norwegian". That's me! Blonde, green-eyed, fair skin and too busy to care sometimes. On a normal day I will prepare my face with moisturizer and foundation. On a very good day you may see a hint of blush and mascara. Then there are the few and far between days when my face will get a total makeover. As a stay at home blogger and toddler life organizer, I prefer that my daughter is fed and my frugal deals are posted. I do not need to look like a … [Read more...]

Texas Bloggers Rocked Blissdom!

blissdom @ gaylord qponjunkie

We Are A Team. We Stand Together As One...umm, you're standing on my foot! I've recently returned from a weekend excursion full of blogging meetings, late night entertainment and great conversations. While everyone was taking in the information I was wondering where the girl next to me got her fruity cocktail. Don't judge me! I can't remember the last time I've left the house without my toddler as my favorite accessory. Fellow blogger, Heather Hernandez (Freebies4Mom), asked me "Who was your favorite speaker". Unfortunately I could not supply her with a good answer. As a matter a fact, as I … [Read more...]

Salvation Army Angel Tree Program: Ready To Make A Difference?


Qpon Junkie was provided compensation to facilitate this post. See my disclosure policy for more information. Doing what I do to fill sacks for children at Santa's Workshop It's The Most Wonderful Time Of The you recall this song from Andy Williams from 1963? This may be a true statement for many of us, but there are still too many children and seniors that can not relate to this feeling around the holidays. The united states reported that in 2006-2010 more than 23 million people in Texas lived in poverty. I can't even imagine what those numbers will … [Read more...]

Actress Kristen Bell is Addicted to Coupons: You Can Be Too!


I try to live a non-mischievous way of life (NOT!) so that I am not the topic of discussion in the local Mommy groups. I however, still have my own needs for weekly gossip that must be fulfilled! Enter US Weekly Magazine. I don't just love it because of the excellent deal I paid for my subscription, but it also has so great celebrity gossip that I look forward to reading every week. I was so excited to see a couponing comment from Actress Kristen Bell. I don't watch a lot of TV due to time constraints but I was addicted to the "Heroes" series. She was great as the evil character Elle … [Read more...]

The W Hotel Buckehead Atlanta, Georgia (I’m in Love)

W Hotel Buckhead Atlanta Georgia

Let me start by saying WOW, I am impressed. I arrived at the W Hotel Buckhead in Atlanta, Georgia without any expectations.  After all, I am from Houston and I've seen some of the best hotels my credit card can charge.  I've never stayed with a W Hotel before and if the service and quality of items throughout the rest of the weekend remain this good, I may never stay anywhere else. The Hotel When you walk in you find yourself in a modern setting.  The pillow arrangement on the couches, the decor, even the pitcher of iced cucumber water ready for thirsty guests is perfect. I overhear … [Read more...]

Qpon Junkie takes on New York City!

City Sightseeing 2

Now that I have your attention...  I was in New York but I really didn't take it on.  What I did do is take a lovely cruise tour of the Hudson River.  If you are planning on visiting the Big Apple it's a "must do" in the tour attraction venue.  My husband and I took an adventure on the City Sightseeing New York Midtown Cruise and listened to wonderful facts about New York, Ellis Island, Brooklyn Bridge, Ground Zero and much more.  I am actually glad my husband was paying attention because I was snapping away with the camera and he had to fill me in after the voyage. Whatever you do...don't … [Read more...]

Hello New York: Qpon Junkie has arrived!

New York Skyline 8.1.2012

We made it to New York!  On the bright side, our flight was on time, we did not experience any harassment at the airport and our driver actually came to get us.  Unfortunately, we had way too much luggage to carry and our driver almost killed us, but we made it.  My husband and I are in New York to attend BlogHer 2012 and I can't be more thrilled. Our schedule includes a few meetings, several opportunities to meet some great people and learn more information about awesome brands and savings for YOU!  This trip will include gorging ourselves on fantastic food and hours’ worth of site seeing … [Read more...]

Congrats Kim C. Winner of $25 H-E-B Slimdown Showdown Gift Card

Thank you everyone for entering the H-E-B Slimdown Showdown Challenge.  All the candidates are worthy of winning as well as all the entries but unfortunately there is only one. KIM C. YOU ARE THE WINNER! Reminder, Giveaway for $25 H-E-B gift card will be ending 7/27.  Easy to enter and low entries right now. In efforts to support a healthier lifestyle for all Texans, H-E-B has named twenty five (25) competitors to take the first-ever Slim Down Showdown Challenge. This 16-week challenge is designed to provide contestants with the education and tools they need to live a healthier … [Read more...]