See Spot Run… Just Kidding It’s Puggy


See Spot Run I know what you want to ask. Is his name really Spot? No his name is not really Spot. This is Puggy, our eight year old pug. I hope he puts a smile on your face today. Do Pugs have a face only a mother could love? I think NOT. He is just gorgeous. Below you can see his partners in crime. Are you a dog lover? If so what kind of puppy love do you have? … [Read more...]

Sunday Slowdown with Qpon Junkie 11/18

Puggy Cone of Shame

I would like to start a new series titled "Sunday Slowdown". Just a little recap of the week's events. Maybe small, maybe large, but something to stay in touch with everyone after a long week. I am trying to find more writing time while still keeping up with the normal amount of deal postings. If you've been following Qpon Junkie, you may have noticed that you do not see new material on Sunday. I am trying to continue to do what I am passionate about and maintain a well balanced home life. Basically, I am trying to take one family day a week. This week we found out we have a Pug with an … [Read more...]

Pug-adise: A day in the life of my furry friends

Pug Odie

What I wouldn't give to live the cushioned life of a dog. Lounging all day, having my belly rubbed and eating every meal without ever making it. Just because you live in the Hartenberger house hold doesn't mean you are getting a free ride. We believe our furry family should earn their keep in some form or fashion. Meet our family: Odie, aka Da Dodie (the dumb Odie), is the house lover. If you want to squeeze some cheeks, pet a neoprene belly or give kisses he's your guy. He would receive the lowest score on an IQ test but he is fast as lightning. Turn your back for a second and in one swoop … [Read more...]