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Free Infant Formula from Similac when you join Strong Moms Pregnancy is difficult on its own. Let Similac help you through your pregnancy with this free gift from Similac and Strong Moms. Join today for your free gift. Receive information and nutrition guidance for a healthy pregnancy. Check your weekly emails for information on health and wellness for you and your baby. Get up to $329 in special coupons, savings and offers. Up to $329 in membership rewards Free infant formula and coupons Monthly emails Live one-on-one nutritional support from the FeedingExpert team … [Read more...]

How Painful Is Having A Miscarriage? A Mother’s Day Loss

The Beginning Of The End It began Thursday. The pain, the cramps, wondering if this situation was going to last only a few hours. Could this be a minor setback or is it the end? Friday morning, at 6 am, I awoke from a bad dream sobbing. I do not even remember what I was dreaming, but my first thought was, "the baby". The crying woke my husband and he rolled over to rub my back. He asked me if I was ok. I told him yes and quietly climbed out of bed holding back they hysteria that was about to come. How Painful Is Having A Miscarriage I sat on the floor in the bathroom crying for a few hours. … [Read more...]

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Mommy-To-Be items at Zulily

When I had my daughter I was 35 and completely clueless about the entire process of pregnancy through toddler hood.  I was searching for all and any books and information to help get me through this huge adventure.  You can get the most popular Mommy-To-Be necessities at Zulily for up to 60% off.  If you are not the new mommy but have a friend these are great gifts for any shower.  Take $5 off your order of $50 or more with coupon code GA2916. What To Expect When You're Expecting 2 pk. Gift Set $19.99 Preggers Black Maternity Compression Tights $10.99 Naptime Is The New Happy Hour … [Read more...]