Free Aloha Smoothie Kit Chocolate/Vanilla Pay $4.95 s/h


Try Your Free Sample Aloha Smoothie Kit My husband and I have wanted to try a liquid meal supplement for awhile and this is the perfect opportunity for us and YOU to sample a Free Aloha Smoothie Kit. They are back in stock so if you didn't get one before here is your chance again. Remember ALOHA's super popular Free Trial Smoothie Kits? You may not because they were actually so popular ALOHA ran out of stock! The good news is these deliciously nutritious smoothie packs are back! Each smoothie pouch is loaded with quality ingredients that will give you a broad spectrum of nutrients, proteins, … [Read more...]

Free Vitamin Burst K-Cup Sample or $1.00 Coupon

Vitamin Burst K-Cup

I didn't get the sample today, did you? Looks like they are already gone for this morning but if you are interested in trying for a free sample check back tomorrow. If you are looking to purchase these new Vitamin Burst K-cups anyway, watch the short video and you will be promoted with a $1.00 off coupon code. These new Vitamin Burst K-Cups look very tasty.  As always you have to "Like" them via Facebook for your entry. … [Read more...]

Free SmartyPants Gummy Vitamin Sample

SmartyPants Gummy Vitamins

Finally, I have gotten my little one to eat her vitamins.  She really does like the gummies, so does mommy.  Receive your Free SmartyPants Gummy Vitamin Sample by filling out your information. You have the option to choose Both Kids/Adults samples, or just adults or just kids. I am going for the whole shabang and trying each. … [Read more...]