Bah Humbug Forget Christmas Crafting Watch TV

Bah Humbug

Yep, it's that post...the bah humbug mentality of the holiday season. Since Pinterest was invented all I see, hear, and smell are images and posts from one of the largest groups in the Pinterest world...obsessive crafty people. The take over must end! A true lazy personality can't get a break. So I say again, bah humbug to the Pumpkin Marshmallow Spice Pops that look so cheerful and orange. Forget the Marzipan Pumpkin Tutorial (I don't even know what a Marzipan is). Who cares about any Holiday Lips from Chapstick Gift Pack Giveaway, not I. (I really love them all!! LOL) Pull the covers up to … [Read more...]

Have you seen our new powder room?

Powder Room

When I stumbled upon my bathroom covered in face powder, I thought to myself the term "Powder Room" now has a whole new meaning. My little adventurer found my face powder on the bathroom counter and here is the outcome. A new series of DIY projects may be needed, raise all counters in our house to avoid the "sticky fingers". … [Read more...]