Gluten-Free Slow Cooker Cookbook $0.99 Kindle


Gluten-Free Slow Cooker: Easy Recipes for a Gluten Free Diet $0.99 There is nothing like throwing a bunch of goodies into a pot and ending up with something wonderful. I find that I make more meals if I can throw the items in the crock pot and let them handle themselves. This holiday season I've really been doing a number on my tummy from eating too many goodies (which I should not be eating). This Gluten-Free Slow Cooker cook book will help me back on track. What I love about getting a book online is that you can flip though and make sure you really like. Go ahead take a peek :) Inside … [Read more...]

Little Soya: Gluten Free Soy Sauce Chicken Recipe & Giveaway


If you are a fan of Qpon Junkie you may already know that I am not a chef but I do play one on TV. I love to cook but with a full-time career and toddler, there never seems to be enough time. In the past year I found out that I am Gluten intolerant and have changed my diet. It's hard some days and I do fall off the wagon but I have an easy recipe that helps me stay on track. This post is my very own recipe for Chicken with Rice and Vegetables featuring Little Soya Soy Sauce. By no means do you have to be Gluten free to enjoy Little Soya. Use it on sushi, in Chinese food or anything you like. … [Read more...]

Kroger Gluten Free & Organic Cereal $0.97

Rice Krispies Gluten Free

Kroger Gluten Free & Organic Cereal as low as $0.97 I was at Kroger the other evening picking up one item, low and behold $100 later (hubby and child in tow) we leave.  I felt it was a very blessed shopping trip indeed.  I took a few pictures of the awesome organic and gluten free cereals I found.  I didn't check the entire store but I was in the market for cereal and here are the findings.  Remember, all stores are different but if you are heading to Kroger's this week have those coupons ready. Rice Krispies Gluten Free 12 oz. box $1.47 (Reg. $4.19) *SUPER HOT SAVINGS*$0.50/1 Rice … [Read more...]

Kroger: Rudi’s Gluten Free Bread (as low as $1.84)

Fullscreen capture 5182012 64627 PM

My gluten free fans, don't forget to grab your Gluten Free Rudi's Bread at Kroger this week for 30% off.  I found the bread (cinnamon & regular, you may have different items) at my Kroger for $3.84 (reg. $5.49).  Use the following coupons below for an even better deal.  If you received the Kroger magazine below you are in luck because you can snag some bread for $1.84!  If not, $2.84 is not so bad. I've visited Kroger twice this week and a $1.50/2 Rudi's Bread coupon printed out on the Catalina machine after purchase.  Just an fyi, in-case you have exhausted all of your prints … [Read more...]

Gluten-Free: Scrumptious Carrot-Ginger Raisin Cake

Carrot-Ginger Raisin Cake

A few months ago I was informed that I needed to switch to a gluten-free diet (pass this recipe to Miley Cyrus if you know her).  I was very hungry at first, I was trying to get used to not eating everything I had in the cabinet.  I'm going on three months and it's become surprising easy now.  I've dropped seven pounds, a very realistic and easy task once I got the hang of it.  My ultimate goal is just to feel better and become less lethargic.  I've reached that as well.  Now, if I can only get back to the working out I'll be a rock star!!! While in the process of my gluten-free endeavor, I … [Read more...]