Bing Rewards You to Search Online *Free Gift Cards*

Bing Rewards

Have you signed up for Bing Rewards? If not you could be missing out on earning free gift cards while searching the net. I know, it sounds too good to be true...but it is true. Earning free gift cards and rewards is one of the ways we supplement our Christmas funds at Qpon Junkie.  Join Bing Rewards for free and earn credits for things like searching the internet using Bing and MSN and trying out new features. Fine print: be sure to have or create a Microsoft account and be a new user. As a special bonus, join Bing Rewards by May 5th through the link below and you will get a free Sweepstakes … [Read more...]

Earn Gift Cards While You Shop with Shopkick


How many kicks or gift cards have you earned with your Free Shopkick app? Today they were offering 200 kicks just for walking into to JCPenny. The idea is simple, earn kicks every time you walk into a store that is on the Shopkick list. Your kicks convert into Free Gift Cards! You can see from my photo that I have already earn 12,660 Shopkicks. This equals to a $50.00 Target gift card, or a $50.00 Starbucks gift card, or a $50.00 Sepora gift card. There are choices for everyone. Download your Shopkick app today and get started earning your free gift cards. Lean all about Shopkick and … [Read more...]