Furby Boom Coupon Now 50% off with Target Cartweel


Furby Boom Coupon New 50% with Cartwheel I can not believe that Target has listed a new Cartwheel savings that gives you a Furby Boom coupon for 50% off. That is so sweet! If you have a Target Red card, you will receive an additional 5% off at checkout. Download your Furby Boom 50% off Cartwheel savings and happy shopping. The lowest priced Furby Boom is now $47.90 - $23.95 - $1.19 = $22.76. All Furby Booms are currently on sale with prices starting as low as $47.90 - $59.00! More Target Cartwheel Toy Offers: 10% Barbie A Pony Tail Dolls 10% off Fisher-Price Baby Toys 20% off Elmo … [Read more...]

Furby Boom Free iPhone/iPad App

Furby Boom

Free Furby Boom App Is everyone ready for the new craze in Christmas toys? I've recently looked at the new Furby Boom selling for $59.99 at most retailers. I downloaded the interactive app today on iPad and it is super cute. You can actually use your new Furby Boom with the app. Your Furby will talk and move in response to what the game is doing. Download the app for free (you do not need a Furby to start playing). Who knows, maybe Santa will bring us all a Furby Boom for Christmas :) [ios_app id="672710052"]   … [Read more...]