Bodum Bistro French Press Giveaway $60 value Gift #3

Bodum Bistro Giveaway

We are heading into our third Qpon Junkie gift with a Bodum Bistro French Press coffeemaker. Bodum has been one of my favorite brands in 2013. I have purchased a Bodum Bistro French Press, Salt and Pepper Grinder, Toaster and the Bodum Bistro coffeemaker. Bodum products are colorful and very modern. Their coffeemakers brew a mean cup off coffee. The Bodum Bistro French Press brews up to 4 cups of coffee. This was the perfect size for me during the week when I only needed a cup or two. If you are looking for a very cool mixer regularly priced at $400, they are now on sale at Bodum for … [Read more...]

Bodum Bistro Coffee Machine My New Favorite Gadget

Bodum Bistro Coffee Maker

My new best friend is the Bodum Bistro Coffee Maker. Don't get mad at the Qpon Junkie for the high price tag on this one. The Bodum Bistro sells for $250! Don't let that scare you. I purchased my coffee maker on sale, with a coupon and a gift card. It was worth every out-of-pocket penny I spent. Bodum states that the special "showerhead" (rain shower I call it) evenly distributes water over your coffee grounds. I can actually taste the difference.  It looks like a rain shower cleaning your coffee grounds and washing all the taste and fullness into your cup off coffee. Design - It is … [Read more...]