Interesting Things #3 Shoes Conn-o-shoer

Patent Heels with Alligator

If you know me at all, you know I am a shoe connoisseur. You may say a collector of shoes and handbags. I have to say I’ve calmed down since the birth of our daughter. Now I am more likely to buy a Littlest Pet Shop item or something Disney related, but my heart still yearns for those four-inch silver metallic stiletto (break my neck) heels.

My shoe collection started when I was in my teens. One of the tallest girls in my grade, I always felt insecure being called “Jolly Green Giant or Too Tall Torode”. I think I arrived from my mother’s womb a statuesque 5’7″. In order to help me grasp my height issues my parents enrolled me in modeling school. My love for shoes spiraled out of control along with the length of my legs.

It wasn’t until my twenties that I really became comfortable being 5′ 11″ and adding another four inches of platform to my height seemed a perfect fit. If only I had pictures of all the beautiful shoes that have crossed my feet since then.

To all the shoes out there…don’t worry you are all equally at risk. Stilettos, flats, wedges, kitten heels, flip-flops or boots. It doesn’t matter what style you are. When I find you, you are mine! This is my Interesting Things #3. This is just small sample of what you will find it you walked into my closet.

Shoe Collector Interesting Things

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