Sea World Has An Adventure For You!

SeaWorld Has Something In Store For You

Sea World Has An Adventure For You!

When I was a child we did not get to visit SeaWorld often. We lived in South Houston and a SeaWorld vacation was a little off the radar for my family. Now that I am older and have a daughter, I jumped at the opportunity to visit this massive entertainment park.

This is our second year to take our daughter. The more we learn about SeaWorld and the new Aquatica the more exciting the adventure becomes. My husband favors the rides, I love the animals and my daughter is enchanted by everything SeaWorld! What do you think of the Lemurs, and Skiers and Scares OH MY?

Steel Eel Roller Coaster – HELP

Steel Eel Roller Coaster

Hold on to your hat, glasses, child and bring an extra change of pants because this ride rocks. Here you can see my husband on the Steel Eeel at @SeaWorldTexas. Next time I will bring a recording device to record our adventure. I was terrified on the ride, but now all I can remember is John laughing hysterically the entire time.

Baby Armadillo SeaWorldTe

Coochie coochie choo…OMG this baby Armadillo was the cutest little thing (expect for my own little one) we saw all weekend. Look at those finger nails! I wonder who does the manicures. I have never seen a armadillo up close and this was a real treat.

Hugs and Kisses SeaWorldTexas

Here she is, my little angel. Hugs and kisses to all the SeaWorld team. These are some awesome employees wearing such an outfit in 90 degree weather. All this just to make children smile. :)

If you are looking for a family vacation look no further. Visit Sea World Texas for shows, rides, adventure and fun for the whole family. If it is a hot day you may want to catch the Skier’s show. Make sure to sit on the front row and enjoy a splash.

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  1. My hubby is all about the rides too, so glad they have something everyone in our family enjoys.!

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