SavingStar Digital Coupons

SavingStar Digital Coupons

SavingStar is a little money-making blessing in disguise. It is not your typical “Digital Coupon” site. SavingStar has the same looks as a typical store digital coupon page, but these digital coupons (savings) you receive can actually be used in combination with any store, manufacture and digital coupon.

SavingStar Digital Coupons

1. Create your SavingStar account

2. Register the numbers of your favorite shoppers’ (loyalty) cards (this is how SavingStar will know what you have purchased)

3. The SavingStar amount will be added to your account within 2-30 days

4. CASH OUT when you receive $5.00 with Bank Account, PayPal or Amazon Gift Cards

5. View your Cash Balance on SavingStar home page

Understanding the SavingStar Page:

1. Choose the digital coupon categories you are interested in

2. Picture of the items you will buy

3. Offer details: Product, amount needed, size and more

4. SavingStar list of digital coupons emailed or printed

SavingStar Digital Coupon Tips: You MUST load the digital coupon in your SavingStar account before you make the purchase! Your SavingStar savings will not be seen on your register receipt. They will be added to your account. This is how you can use your coupons in store and receive your SavingStar savings.
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