Post-It Notes Treasure Chest 10 lbs. NOW $40 (reg. $200+)


I am a super Post-It Notes fan. I almost fell out of my seat (twice) when I saw this Post-It Notes Treasure Chest full of notes and weighing in at 10 lbs. The first time was because it was so cool and the second time was because I saw the original price of $200.00! Excuse me??? I don’t know what shocked me more. But wait, there’s more. Use coupon code 88719333 to get $10.00 off your $50.00 purchase and free shipping!

The Price Breakdown: Teachers, office supply order people, back-to-school stockpilers get 10 lbs. of one of the most clever inventions ever and pay only $40.00! One sheet of classic 3×3 100 Post-It Notes = $1.29. You would have to buy 100 packs to get 10,000 notes. That would equal $129.00. Or you can say each regular Post-It Notes is 100 sheets at $0.012 where the Treasure Pack is 10,000 sheets for the price of $.004. Awesome!

Price Compare: Staples sells this same Post-It Notes Treasure Chest for $218.49 with 110% price match guarantee right now. You may want to try in order this in a Staples store and price match.

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  1. Hey do you know if anyone will be running this deal again! It literally was amazing and I used it all year last school year!

    • Hi Debbie, I just saw this deal on Staples website for only $49.99! Look in the Daily Deals section. If you have any other coupons to apply you will get it for even lower. Good luck.

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