Shop Online & Earn Cash Back with FatWallet


Shop with FatWallet and Earn Cash Back!


I was introduced to FatWallet in my twenties. It was the first time in my life that I really started concentrating on online coupons and noticed a rise of ways to earn money while making purchases online. Times have changed since then, and now it’s very easy to save money and earn CASH BACK every time you shop. As you can see below I have done pretty well earning extra cash over the years.

It’s free to register and get started. Just remember to visit FatWallet and find your retailer on their site before you shop. When you click through to start shopping FatWallet will record your transaction and reimburse you the appropriate percent of cash back of the amount spent.

Do you already use FatWallet? I would love to know how much you have earned. Leave a comment on this post.

  • It’s free to register, get started by signing up today!
  • Tell your friends and have them sign up.
  • Earn even more with the FatWallet referral bonus program! (diagram listed above)


P.S. Thats not all folks. If you want to fully optimize your cash back earnings, register with each of the sites below. Each site may offer a different percent of cashback on any given day. You may earn a higher percentage with Ebates on one day vs. FatWallet (or vice versa). All of these are legitimate cash back sites and I highly recommend them all. Register for all of them and see who is going to PAY YOU THE MOST on your purchase.