New Randalls Just 4 U Savings Program Information

Randalls Just 4 U Savings Program

Randalls has introduced an incredible savings program that is well suited for every individual looking to decrease their grocery spending.  The Just 4 You program is easy to use, even the most novice couponer will benefit from the savings after a few simple steps.  One of the best features is the ability to use your phone number or shopper’s card at checkout.  Never have to worry about leaving your paper coupons behind. Register your Randalls Card for free today and start taking advantage of these savings.

I was absolutely thrilled to attended an event at Randalls where we learned about the Just 4 U program.  There was so much benificial information that I may need a few posts to make sure I’ve covered it all.  Listed bellow is a good start but I would be happy to answer any questions that you may have.  I suggest you take a look at the Randalls web-site to get more familiar with the set up and hit me up with any questions that arise.  Make sure to sign-up and download their new app to your mobile device. Randalls iPhone Download – Randalls Google Play App for Android

Save in Three Ways:

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  • Coupon Center – Digital coupons, never print or clip
  • Personalized Savings – Savings designed Just 4 U
  • Club Specials – The things you buy that are currently on sale
Coupon Center:
  • Add coupons to your shoppers card with a click of a button.
  • On line coupon web-sites can not be used in conjunction with Randalls coupon center.  Sites like Cellfire and Shortcuts.  These sites and savings have already been absorbed into Randalls Just 4 U program so you only have to visit one place to load your digital coupons.
  • Not all Randalls customers will get the same digital coupons.  The savings are based on your purchase history.
Personalized Deals (PDs):
  • Use your PD on as much quantity of the specified item, once per working day until the personalized deal expiration date.  Example: My PD is $2.88 for Tropicana Orange Juice 64 oz.  I add this PD to my card and shop on Monday at 9:00 AM.  I purchase 3 of the Tropicana Orange Juice 64 oz. at $2.88 each.  When I get home I decide I need one more juice.  I could return to the store and purchase as many juice as I needed but would have to pay the original price.  I would not be able to redeem this PD again until Tuesday, the opening of the next business day.
  • The exception to the rule above is with a Randalls Free Personalized Deal.  When you receive a free deal you may only redeem that offer one time.
  • Your PD can be stacked with a cents off paper coupon.
  • PDs depend on your spending history.  Make sure to always have your Randalls card or your phone number when checking out so Randalls can detail what you are actually purchasing.  This will give Randalls the information they need to cater your savings to what you are actually buying.
  • Your PD are not automatically added to your savings card, they must be loaded by you.  You must access the system and push “add to card” button to receive your savings.

Helpful Information:

  • The most common rejection of coupon savings when checking out is from incorrect limits or sized purchased.  Be careful to make sure that you have the exact product that the coupon specifies.
  • Rain checks given on items depends on each store’s manager.  Usually, your initial coupon will be valid for a long enough period for stock to replenish.  If you find difficulties with items being out of stock, please talk to your store manager.
  • Make sure to sign-up for Randalls Just 4 U e-mails.  This will help in making sure your Personalized Deals are sent to you regularly, on a weekly basis, and at your fingertips.
  • The Just 4 U program tries to show you right on the deal where you can find the same item and it’s price at a local competitor’s store.
  • Use your mobile device to add coupons anytime to your shoppers card as well as build a shopping list for you to use while shopping.
 Example of one of my Personalized Deal Savings:
  • My personalized deal is Safeway Farms Salad Blends 4.75 – 12 0z. $1.99 each (reg. $3.29).  Randalls was also having a BOGO sale on these salad blends.  I added my personalized deal to my shopper card for $1.99 and took home two bags Safeway Salad Blends for $1.99.  The PD price also combined with the in-store B1G1 Free sale.

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