Macy’s: Going Out of Bussiness Sale Part II

If you did not check out my first post on “Macy’s Going Out of Business Sale Don’t Believe the Hype” you can do so HERERight now store clearance is 40%-60% off!

If you did read it, you know already that I’m not sold that these are good prices and believe you should not waist your time.  In fact, I am now even more convinced that you really need to pay extra close attention to what a “Going Out of Business Sale” really means.

First and foremost, if you have any type of smart phone please download this FREE app.  RedLaser Barcode Scanner (iPhone version).  This app is going to tell you how much the item you are scanning is selling elsewhere.  It will give you the selling price for online and in-stores that are local to you.

My friend Brandon and I did some research and this is what we concluded:

  • Macy’s has changed several of their tags.  These are reprinted tags, not the normal brand tags that you are going to find if you go to another Macy’s.  Please note, I said “several” not “all”.
  • In doing so it looks to me (this is just my opinion) that they have raised the prices of their “Going Out of Business” items.  This is to make you think you are getting a good deal when they go on sale for 40%-60% off.  YOU ARE NOT.  Some prices have been raised so they still earn money and you think that you are getting a good deal with an additional % off.

Here are some examples:

  • Club Room Sweatshirt, Plaid Lined Hoodie $49.50 with an additional 40% off making this sweater $29.70 with discount.  Use the RedLaser Scanner on this item and you see that Macy’s sells this shirt for $19.99 at their stores and online (now $14.99 as of 2/7).  If they are selling this for $14.99 at other stores, why is it $49.50 here?????  Even if it goes 70% off (selling price $14.85) you are  not getting a good deal.  You can not return it, there are not refunds and you can not use a coupon.

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  • Champion Shirt Sleeveless Jersey $15.00.  Reduced to $10.50, now $9.00 with Macy’s “GOBS” (now $6.99 as of 2/7).  RedLaser tells me that Macy’s sells this shirt at their other stores for $9.99!  How is this a deal people?  I can still use my Macy’s coupons at a non-GOBS store and still get a better price.  In fact I can purchase it for $6.99 now!!

Moral of the story:  Download the RedLaser and scan those tags.  There were a few items that were actually lower but do not get fooled into thinking that everything is a great deal.  Again, once they get to 70%-80% off you may be getting a good deal.  Selection may be lower at that time but I think it is worth the wait.

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