How To Use Digital Coupons


Qpon Junkie is all about the coupons. That is why it is just as important to show you all the free digital savings you can use at your local stores or via designated digital coupon web-sites.


Cellfire Free Digital Coupons


Cellfire provides valuable savings on groceries, shopping, restaurants, and entertainment. It is a free service to all users. Cellfire is easy to use and provides convenience of not having to print, clip or forget your coupons ever again.

Cellfire offers a mobile application where you can load offers on your mobile device and have your phone scanned upon checkout.  Register at Cellfire today!

Cellfire Free Digital Coupons


  • Kroger offers loadable coupons right from their web-site.  Visit to load you savings today.
  • 150 coupons may be loaded at a time.  The total will include all loaded coupons even those from other web-sites.
  • The Kroger web-site makes it easy to view loaded, active, redeemed and expired coupons.
  • Print List – Print your loaded coupon list which will include any coupons from and Shortcut$.com.
  • Coupons loaded on your Kroger’s shopping card from other sites will show as “Special Offer Type”.
  • Kroger loadable coupons do not triple or double. 



  • Upromise is a way to create college savings. Earn money for college by online shopping, eating out and grocery shopping.  Register with Upromise today!
  • Loadable digital coupons to your CVS and Kroger shopping card.  These discounts are not taken off your grocery bill put are put back into your Upromise savings account.
  • Every item purchased with a Upromise logo will earn money that will be put into a Upromise savings account.
  • Print List – Print the Upromise list and bring it to the store. These do not show up on the Kroger printable list.

SavingStar Free Digital Coupons

SavingStar – CVS, KROGER & MORE (for all participating stores please visit HERE)

SavingStar is digital coupon program where you load coupons to your shopper’s card.  Your “check out” amount stays the same but the amount of your coupons will accumulate into an account which can be cashed out once your total is $5.00.  Your “cash out” can include any of the following:

  • Bank Deposit
  • Amount sent to PayPal account
  • Gift Card

Register today at SavingStar and add your savings to your cards (most grocery and drug stores in your area) scan your card at check out and save.  It’s as easy as click, shop and save!  It gets even better, you can use your savings earned from SavingStar in addition to your printable coupons.  Use both methods to maximize savings!


~ Tips To Remember ~

  • New coupons are added all the time. Check sites frequently or sign up for their alerts to know when new coupons have been added.
  • Electronic coupons can be taken right off your phone at checkout.
  • Loadable = eCoupons = Electronic coupons

*Information is provided from each company’s site.  Please see the each site for more details.