Little Soya: Gluten Free Soy Sauce Chicken Recipe & Giveaway

Little Soya Gluten Free Soy Sauce

If you are a fan of Qpon Junkie you may already know that I am not a chef but I do play one on TV. I love to cook but with a full-time career and toddler, there never seems to be enough time. In the past year I found out that I am Gluten intolerant and have changed my diet. It’s hard some days and I do fall off the wagon but I have an easy recipe that helps me stay on track.

This post is my very own recipe for Chicken with Rice and Vegetables featuring Little Soya Soy Sauce. By no means do you have to be Gluten free to enjoy Little Soya. Use it on sushi, in Chinese food or anything you like. It’s light tasting and I used fresh vegetables for a healthy meal. Little Soya contains 45% less sodium than the leading brand and I loved that about it. I usually eat my sushi without soy sauce because it’s too salty for me. Little Soya has just the right amount of flavor, without the salt and you can take them anywhere (don’t be surprised if you see me taking a little fish out of my purse).

Chicken with Rice and Vegetables

I created this recipe to be simple and quick. I can follow a recipe like everyone else but I do like to change things up here and there and you can too.  Just make sure of two things: your Little Soya Soy Sauce is handy and be creative.

1 lb. chicken tenders
1 c. prepared rice
1/2 c. red peppers, sliced
1/2 c. green peppers, sliced
1/2 c. broccoli
1/2 c. carrots
1/2. c. snow peas
garlic, minced
white onion, chopped
salt & pepper to taste

Cook rice according to instructions, set aside. Salt and pepper chicken tenders and add them with two packets Little Soya Soy Sauce and four tablespoons water to a warm, oiled skillet. Cook chicken on low heat until done. Cook slowly and save the remaining juice to use with your vegetables. Remove chicken and set aside, keep warm. Use remaining sauce in skillet and add all vegetables, onion, garlic, one packet Little Soya Soy Sauce with four tablespoons water. Simmer vegetables at low heart until desired crispness. I cook my vegetables 7-10 minutes to retain a little crunch. Serve hot and enjoy. My husband likes a lot of sauce on everything! He used two more packets on his dinner.

In order to make this recipe you are going to need a Little Soya of your own. Four lucky winners will receive their very own package of Little Soya Soy Sauce. I can’t wait to see who wins but until then, you can always find Little Soya online.

Giveaway rules:

  • Follow the rafflecopter below for entry information.
  • Giveaway begins 10/22/2012 and ends 10/29/2012.
  • Four winners will receive a package of Little Soy Soya Sauce.
  • Qpon Junkie is not responsible for giveaway product. A third-party will be handling distribution.
  • Good luck :)

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