How To Use Digital Coupons: Your Detailed Qpon Junkie Guide


Do paper coupons have you feeling confused and cluttered? Are you looking for another solution to save money that doesn’t involve clipping? Welcome to the world of Digital Coupons. Digital coupons are free, easy to use and are accessible while in the process of shopping.


Digital Coupon Benefits:

  • Load on your shopper’s card via computer
  • Load on your shopper’s card via mobile device, even while you shop
  • Use your phone number and receive your savings at checkout
  • No hauling paper coupons and forgetting them at home
  • Absolutely FREE – No need to subscribe to a newspaper

Digital Coupon Disadvantage:

  • You get what you get – No searching or printing for a higher value coupon.
  • Sometimes they do not work – Computer error is unavoidable. This may happen on occasion and you may miss savings. *Tips – You may always speak to your customer service manager for help.
  • If you have a digital coupon loaded, and a paper coupon in hand, some stores will automatically take the digital coupon. This may be a disadvantage if your paper coupon is of greater value.

Where to Find Digital Coupons?

Grocery Store & Pharmacy Programs: There are several stores that are helping their customers’ save everyday with digital coupon programs. The stores I use most often are Kroger, Randall’s and Walgreens. In most cases, you will be required to register for a shopper’s card online or in the store. Begin below by creating an account with any of the following stores:

Online Digital Coupon Sites: In addition to the using store digital coupons, web-sites have been designed and are dedicated to digital coupons that can be added to your shoppers’ card. I will be using SavingStar and Cellfire as examples.

Store Digital Coupon Example: Kroger’s Digital Coupons Page

1. Begin by creating your account and signing up for a Kroger Plus Shopper’s Card

2. After your account is created, head to Kroger’s Digital Coupons section

3. Total Digital Coupon savings to choose from in the “Browse Coupons Menu”

4. Choose your coupons by category. Select only those you are interested in to save time or you may view Kroger’s entire coupon selection

5. Once your account is created, at any time you may visit the Kroger’s Digital Coupons section and “Sign in to Load”. You MUST actually load each coupon you wish to use


KrHow To Use Digital Coupons: Your Detailed Qpon Junkie Guide


Kroger Coupon Tips: After registering you Kroger card, visit the “Account Settings” page and approve all the following communication avenues listed below. This will give you the best chance of receiving as many coupons via mail and email:

  • Weekly Circular
  • Special Promotions and Opportunities
  • Monthly Newsletter

Digital Coupon (savings) Site: SavingStar

SavingStar is a little money-making blessing in disguise. It is not your typical “Digital Coupon” site. SavingStar has the same looks as a typical store digital coupon page, but these digital coupons (savings) you receive can actually be used in combination with any store, manufacture and digital coupon.

SavingStar Log In

1. Create your SavingStar account

2. Register the numbers of your favorite shoppers’ (loyalty) cards (this is how SavingStar will know what you have purchased)

3. The SavingStar amount will be added to your account within 2-30 days

4. CASH OUT when you receive $5.00 with Bank Account, PayPal or Amazon Gift Cards

5. View your Cash Balance on SavingStar home page

Understanding the SavingStar Page:

1. Choose the digital coupon categories you are interested in

2. Picture of the items you will buy

3. Offer details: Product, amount needed, size and more

4. SavingStar list of digital coupons emailed or printed

SavingStar Digital Coupon Tips: You MUST load the digital coupon in your SavingStar account before you make the purchase! Your SavingStar savings will not be seen on your register receipt. They will be added to your account. This is how you can use your coupons in store and receive your SavingStar savings.

SavingStar Loading Page


The above examples are based on Kroger located in Houston, Texas. If you would like to know if your region’s store are using digital coupons, please visit their home page (web-site). If you do not find what you are looking for, please feel free to “Contact Qpon Junkie” for more assistance.

Disclaimer: This post my contain a link to an affiliate. See my disclosure policy for more information.

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