Sorry, We Are Not Friends Unless FB, Twitter & Pinterest Confirms

friends confirmed on social media

Sorry, we are not friends unless Facebook, Twitter & Pinterest Confirms!

The above FB message is one of the funniest things I’ve seen lately. What about the title? “Sorry, we are not friends unless Facebook, Twitter & Pinterest Confirms”…I can believe people may think this comment to be true. How often do you start talking to someone and they ask you if you Tweet? Pretty often now, right? Forget about the phone you own and the number that goes with it. Or how often do you happen to bump into a friend and the first thing they ask you is, “Did you see what I posted on Facebook?” Ummm, all the dang time! I am getting the feeling that I may not have friends unless there is social media confirmation.

I met another really great blogger, Kirsten “Kiki” O from Kirsten Oliphant, and we really hit it off. We knew where to find each other on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest which was great; unfortunately, theses avenues didn’t help squat when she wanted to get a hold of me. You may not believe this, but I am not the most detailed social media person out there. I admit it, but I try really hard. In my defense I have noticed I get a glimpse of a message received via Facebook on my phone only to never find it again once I log on to my computer. Uggg, I hate when this happens.

Finally, I flagged Kirsten down on Facebook and “Liked” her page. I even invited to add her as a friend. She accepted! Whoooo, it’s totally official now. Forget that I (and probably you too) do not have any new phone numbers in our contact list, or that we have not sent a personal email in five years. At least I know that if I ever need a loan, or a spare body part, maybe even someone’s first-born child I have thousands of REAL FRIENDS out there willing to help me out.

I am “Liked” on Facebook, Tweeted on Twitter and Followed on Pinterest. It must be true…NOW WE ARE REAL FRIENDS. :)

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  1. I thought this was a very funny post. It’s only been relatively recent that I’ve started participating in Twitter chats for example and it’s helped me actually connect on social media for the first time. I had thought I was floating a bit adrift in cyberspace, given very few of my friends are bloggers (but they tell me they read my blog religiously) and even fewer seem to be on Twitter. When I got married, I changed my name so some ‘friend requests’ on Facebook get ignored (I must look different these days too!). Having said that, I’ve really enjoyed the spirit and camaraderie through my social media circles, and my knowledge of the world is ever broadened by checking out people’s blogs. Keep up the amazing work Renee!

    • Thank you so much Michelle. It is always such a good feeling to know someone has stopped by “you house aka blog” and really liked something. Thanks for the kind words. Happy Holidays!

  2. I find there to be such a weird line in life when you blog or post a lot about life online. Because then you have to decide whether or not you assume people know or don’t know what happened to you that week/day/month. Like, I’ll be telling a friend something and she’ll say, “I know–I saw it on Facebook.” Or I DON’T tell someone something because I assume they saw my last few status (statuses? statusi?) but really they didn’t. It’s a weird online world. Glad we connected and that I got a shoutout on the blog. Woohoo! NOW we’re really friends. :)

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