Well Qpon Junkies it has been a great year.  I kicked off my blog Qpon Junkie in October 2010 and it’s officially been a year (and a few months).  I am not going to lie, it has been a slow year for my blog but still a great one because I am doing what I really enjoy.  Shopping of course, saving money and passing those deals to my readers.  I still have a busy January with two birthdays right after Christmas but I am also going to take that time to prepare for FREEBIE FEBRUARY at Qpon Junkie (say that with your voice shaking so it sounds huge).  I appreciate all the readers who have stuck with me in 2011 through the colds, while visiting my in-laws in East Texas who barely receive internet, the flu, one hospital trip and two arm surgery’s.  Obviously I have to coupon so I can support all of the families medical expenses. :)   To show my appreciation I am going to kick off February with a bang.  Get ready for FREEBIE FEBRUARY.

The details are still in the works but I will share a few of my thoughts.

  • I will be sharing products I love with my readers.  This could include any of the following but not limited too: beauty, men’s beauty, pets, office supply, baby/kids or gift cards etc. etc.
  • There will be two giveaways per week for 5 weeks.
  • It is recommended that you become a fan via Facebook, Twitter or receive daily emails.
  • Giveaways will be announced beginning of each week and I may let you know what it is or it may be a surprise.  I will also let you know how to enter.
  • Do not be stingy with the love.  Let all your friends and family know now so they become a fan and be ready for further details and the first giveaway starting February 1st.


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