Free Digital Grocery Coupons from Cellfire

Cellfire Free Digital Grocery Coupons

 Free Digital Grocery Coupons from Cellfire

If you have not register for FREE with Cellfire yet, now is a great time. They offer free digital coupons that you can load to your grocery cards. I like to use Cellfire in addition to my Kroger coupons because it allows me to double up some of my savings.

For Example: You will notice that Kroger has sales often where you buy a designated number of items to receive a certain amount of dollars off. If I want to purchase 4 boxes of cereal I want to use 4 coupons. Kroger digital coupons may have two coupons I want to use but Cellfire may also have two. Now I have 4 Free Digital Grocery Coupons. 

*Remember sometimes you need to use a few different saving techniques to get the most bang out of your buck! Cellfire is always at your fingertips while you are shopping with their mobile app. Happy saving!

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