Father Knows Best…On Father’s Day

Father Knows Best

Father Knows Best…Today Only

I lost my father over three years ago from heath related issues. He lived a long life to the experienced age of 83. My father had many lovely qualities and is missed often, especially on Father’s Day.

Now I have a loving husband and a 3-year old daughter. He is doing a wonderful job of becoming an experienced father himself. A very hands on dad, he is the creator of laughs in the family. Our days are brighter because of him.

My Father’s Day wishes go out to the two obvious people above, but I want to send out appreciation to all the wonderful father figures in our lives.

Father God – Thank you for your forgiveness, patience and ever lasting unconditional love. There can never be enough praise for your sacrifice.

Father-in-law – Thank you for your kindness, your acceptance of my personal quirks and humor, and the abundant phone calls to let us know you care. You are a great father and mentor. You have filled a place in my heart since the passing of my dad.

Guy Friends – You know who you are! My husband is truly blessed to have some wonderful guy friends. Friendship that is so great it will exceed time. Although some of them have not had their own children, they are some of the best protectors and friends. They care for their nieces, nephews and friend’s children like they were their own.

I want to wish all dads, friends, and fathers a blessed Father’s Day. Today is your day and we all can say “Father Knows Best”…tomorrow it will go back to normal :)

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