Betsey Johnson Fish Wristlet $39 Sale & Clearance


Betsey Johnson Fish Wristlet (Kitchi Fish) $39.98

I’m recently a die-hard fan of Betsey Johnson items. I’ve found several great, low-priced items at my local TJ Maxx & Ross stores. Since I am a new fan of this very feminine yet bold designer, I’ve only recently started checking out the Betsey Johnson retail site along with other online retailers.

You may notice that while shopping at TJ Maxx & Ross the selection is limited. Styles may be season’s past, but the prices are affordable. Be prepared to take home what treasure you find and send me a pic!

Here I am up late on a Thursday night trying to see what kind of options I have on the Betsey Johnson site. OMG! I am in love yet again with another crazy purse. Wouldn’t you know I find Betsey Johnson Fish Wristlet (Kitchi Fish Wristlet) on sale for $39.98. Once my daughter got a peek of this cute item the purse was in my shopping cart.

Make sure to read the refund and exchange rules for the Betsey Johnson site. These will come in handy. I would like to see what great item you find.

You can use coupon code JULSAV15 for an extra 15% off your $100 purchase. This is until July 31st and may only and may only be valid on full-priced items.

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