Bah Humbug Forget Christmas Crafting Watch TV

Bah Humbug

Yep, it’s that post…the bah humbug mentality of the holiday season. Since Pinterest was invented all I see, hear, and smell are images and posts from one of the largest groups in the Pinterest world…obsessive crafty people. The take over must end! A true lazy personality can’t get a break.

So I say again, bah humbug to the Pumpkin Marshmallow Spice Pops that look so cheerful and orange. Forget the Marzipan Pumpkin Tutorial (I don’t even know what a Marzipan is). Who cares about any Holiday Lips from Chapstick Gift Pack Giveaway, not I. (I really love them all!! LOL)

Pull the covers up to my neck, no showers for a week, and let’s watch endless movies and streaming from Roku, Netflix, Redbox, VUDU and Amazon Prime. Let’s create Pinterest boards for the following: growing tremendously long facial and underarm hair, masking body odor by rubbing week old Taco Bell, Burger Kind and McDonald wrappers on our person, and don’t forget that soap is not your friend.

Will you join me on my bah humbug Christmas endeavor? The clock is ticking.

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