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About Me Qpon Junkie

  Welcome to Qpon Junkie, my name is Renee and this blog is about my own personal
  experiences in everyday life and never paying full price for any of them!

  The dream all started when I was an accountant (yep, I am a numbers girl) in the big city of Houston.  That was a great life, but I was slowly approaching my 30’s and it was time for me to settle down.   What do you know, the commercials about Match.com are absolutely true.  I found him, and 6 years later I am now a stay at home mother of a beautiful daughter and provider to three dogs, four cats and a saltwater aquarium.  You are actually viewing a picture of our happy family (no actors here).

I guess the stress of having a newborn and being a first time mother was not enough for me.  I had to throw a savings blog on top of that!  I have used coupons all my life.   My craze and love for savings is so fierce that I will leave a store and come back another day just because I forgot my coupons.  Of course I have to calculate time, gas, mileage and all other factors in to see if the coupon is worth the extra trip (again a number’s mindset).  Guess what?  Often it is!

The saver in me, fell in love with unlimited resources and opportunities that the internet has to offer and the blog Qpon Junkie was born.  I love to blog about every day needed essentials, fabulously frugal wants, and the resources on how NOT TO PAY full price for them.  You will also find a good choice of coupons, freebies, reviews and giveaways (slowly incorporating reviews & giveaways).  Manufactures and retailers want you to have a discount because they want you to buy their product!  It is my intention to pass as many of these savings on to my readers as possible.

Join me, as I look at the world with the mindset “There’s A Qpon For That”!

Sincerely Yours,


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*Note about Extreme Couponing:  I am not against extreme couponing, on the contrary, you will see some deals that would be considered to fall into this category.  That however, is not what Qpon Junkie is entirely about.  I am not saying it is not a fabulous and exciting adventure purchasing 1,000 boxes of cereal at one time for FREE.  One just can not live on cereal alone!